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How To Play

School’s in session! Challenge your friends’ music taste with this exciting thought provoking card game that inspires dope discussions about Hip Hop culture.


Icon of a Microphone for Univ. of Dope

Grab ya peeps

Requires a minimum of three people to play and a maximum of six.

2 ways to play “Big Willy Style” (No Alcohol)  or “Thug Life” (alcohol)

University of Dope Grafitti Spray Bottle for Graffiti

Play on Playa

Hip hop novice? No worries! You just have to pick what you think your peers will choose to win!

Correct answers are selected by the majority of players.

(i.e. 4 Players, 3 say ‘A’ then ‘A’ wins)

Pop Quiz

How good is your “Milly Rock?” Do you know the lyrics to “Juicy?”

Then you will get bonus points for passing the Pop Quiz. 

If the Pop Quiz is failed, loser(s) deduct 5 points  or drink up


How Do You Win?

Whomever gets to “fiddy” (50) points first wins!