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 About University Of Dope

University of Dope was founded on all college campuses around the world; in dorm rooms, lounge areas, basketball courts, cafeterias. Debates over who has the hottest bars, beats, videos, dances, and clothes are discussed in our university. This card game is where your peers are not only students but your professors. Figure out which one of your friends has a “PhD, Playa Haters Degree” or who is a “College Dropout”. Unpopular Opinions Welcome. #UDope



Skinni Bee, Dean of Hip Hop Affairs                                                                                                                                        $upreme, Ph.D of The Trap



A.V. Perkins (A.V. $upreme) Marian Andoh (Skinni Bee) met at Central Connecticut State University back in 2004. They have been friends and debating music ever since.